James De Luna



1. What’s your name? James Lawn.

2. In the light painting world what’s the name you go by? James de Luna.

3. What do you do in your life? I Work in a polythene packaging factory, have two dogs and live with my partner in Grimsby, North East England. I light paint almost every moment i get free.

4. How long have you been practicing the art of light painting? My first pictures were in November 2012.

5. Do you have a favorite place to go to light painting? I like natural locations, and industrial ones, churches, near water, the inside of a kaleidoscope, my kitchen, under the floorboards. Everywhere dark should be lightpainting. 🙂

6. Who or what inspires you? My first inspiration to start was a video on you tube called “light warfare” an LP stop motion. i would also say im inspired by movies, all of my Flickr contacts, the LPWA site, LightPaintingPhotography.com, Lightpaint.com, Noctography.co.uk, longexposures.co.uk, lightpainting.org.uk and the Facebook Lightpainting groups.

7. White or coloured lights? I like both…for lighting a landscape i use focusable cree torches, with or without coloured filters; it depends on the shot .. i Also enjoy using fireworks, candles, glow sticks, RGB led devices, EL products, flash stencils, reflective surfaces & telescopes to create my light.

8. Do you take your own shots or you have somebody to help you? There are a few shots on my Flickr that i’ve had help and it will say in the descriptions – when out with friends, when my cousin is visiting or when my girlfriend fancies a go at lighting me in to a shot. Most of my shots I’m on my own.

9. What does light painting mean to you? I’ve always been a little artistic in some way; be it drawing, model painting or music production, but the best thing i’ve ever done with my life is start light painting – it’s so much fun, I’ve met really cool people and made some cracking images that I want to put on my wall for all to see

10. Which is the easiest aspect of light painting? Having new ideas on what to paint And the worst one? Deciding which to do, and not getting distracted by a brand new idea I just had. 🙂

11. According to you, what’s fundamental having or doing in order to obtain good shots/pictures? The biggest tip I think I can give is; buy a wide angle, manual lens with an aperture ring – it makes things so much easier.

12. Is this practice a source of happiness and satisfaction? If I go out in the middle of our English winter and spend 5 hours faffing about getting 1 amazing pic, i jump around like a child on the way home and I’m supposed to be 31 …yes, definitely! I am very satisfied and happy with LP.

13. What would you like to do in the future? I have big plans for pics that I hope will come true, but they’re all secret! Hahah

14. What advice would you give to the young people who want to start being light painters? I would suggest as I said before that kind of lens and also a second hand >10mpx DSLR (not necessary to go big budget) then buy some LEDs, sparklers and a torch and get creative with your friends! You can even get the app “long exposure camera” on android smartphones now – so there’s no excuse not to have a go. 🙂

15. Do you want to say a goodbye for us? I’d just like to say thank you for taking an interest in my work – I was flattered to be asked, as I’ve only been doing this a little over a year myself…really please to talk to you!

Interview by Valeria Ricci



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