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1. What’s your name? My name is Jörg Miedza

2. In the light painting world what’s the name you go by? The name of my project is Miedza Lightart Photography (www.miedza.de). Before 2011 I was one of two guys from LAPP-PRO, a project which was live from 2007-2011

3. What do you do in your life? I’m developing Payment Systems for e-commerce Company’s

4. How long have you been practicing the art of light painting? Light paint and Light art is a fixed part in my nightlife since 2007

5. Do you have a favorite place to go to light painting? It must be quiet and dark, that the best ingredients for a successful night. that can happen outdoor under the firmament, in an old warehouse, or indoor at my studio.

6. Who or what inspires you? With light paint i was there quite early in 2007 and into the art scene there were previously many creative people from which I could have copied things and idea, but none of these guys made their results alone with volatile light on the sensor before. I burned so high for my new passion that I don´t spent any time to look at things from other people. I had the head full of my own ideas and it was hard enough to push them out in front of the lens, as to spend time to copy or redevelop work from others.

7. White or colored lights? I need the full color spectrum for creating my work – all wavelengths. none of the wavelengths are unwelcome, each of them at the right place to the right time brings the magic into my results.

8. Do you take your own shots or you have somebody to help you? Often times i work alone and sometimes in small teams from 2-3 people. to work alone brings you the chance to blast the whole initial idea out of your head in front of the camera without any disturbances. But working in small teams is better to achieve more complex performances and it is very important to brainstorm and to judge in a constructive way to the results of your ideas. Both ways to work is important to evolve.

9. What does light painting mean to you? bringing back the light to the night. let it stay into the night forever means a lot to me. to use that special substance which is usually highly volatile to produce your artwork is a sometimes a great challenge and sometimes a very big pleasure.

10. Which is the easiest aspect of light painting? And the worst one? the easiest thing is, you can do it wherever you want with a really simple equipment. the worst one is to realize that some physical things can make your real life into the night real hard. You have to learn, it´s a long way.

11. According to you, what’s fundamental having or doing in order to obtain good shots/pictures? stop watching to others, ask yourself what is in your creative head and heart – let it out – it cost you only a bunch of time – the results are getting better from session to session.

12. Is this practice a source of happiness and satisfaction? Of course it is! I do lightpaint for more than 8 years and i still like it as on the first night

13. What would you like to do in the future? To preserve my independent way to work in the light business. today i can do professional jobs as well as playing in my virtual sandbox and develop crazy new ideas. A time-consuming thing, but definitely planned project for the future, is to go to schools and institutions to show younger peoples the way to work with light into the dark. I have already made this and my concern is to stop them watching stupid tv-shows and starting to be creative in the night.

14. What advice would you give to the young people who want to start being light painters? Don’t be so much impressed by all the selfish guys out there. learning or be inspired by others is one side of the medal, the other side is your very own progress. it only counts what you can do with of all these impressions – build your own style and enjoy your results. The way is the goal! You really don’t need a big-fullframe camera with all the fancy feature in it and a big-ticket lens on it. My first digital camera back from the year 2001 did also today some really cool lightpaint pictures. In my mind, you have to learn what the manual mode is. you need a self-timer, a tripod, a light and a dark space.

15. Do you want to say a goodbye for us? The night is not for sleeping!

let there be light!

Interview by Valeria Ricci





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