1. What’s your name? My name is Jake Ramirez.

2. In the light painting world what’s the name you go by? In the Light Painting world I am known as Sumerian~Lights.

3. What do you do in your life? I work for a company Called the Film Exchange on a lot of different projects related to the film industry and currently. I am working on a Film Festival Called RxSM Self Medicated Film Expo which is an underground film festival in Austin, Tx.

4. How long have you been practicing the art of light painting? About 5 or 6 years now? Its all kind of foggy haha.

5. Do you have a favorite place to go to light painting? Not really, one of the major joys I get form Light Painting is Traveling and Exploring new places across Texas. Being out at night in an unfamiliar place gives me great joy so I try and replicate that feeling by finding new spots to Light Paint all the time.

6. Who or what inspires you? Passion, It took me a lot of years to truly find what makes me happy, what drives me and pushes me through every obstacle that life has thrown at me. With the passion I have found in Light painting I have been able to survive in a world where so many fall.

7. White or colored lights? Both, you can never have enough variety of leds!!

8. Do you take your own shots or you have somebody to help you? From time to time I have friends come with me while I light paint and if they are present I make them press the shutter for me but for the most part I am alone and everything is operated by me.

9. What does light painting mean to you? Everything, Before i found light painting i was on a downward spiral in my life. I have dealth with a lot of lose in my 32 years of living and having light painting to help me recover from the torment of life has been a real blessing. If I’m having a bad day or just not feeling up to facing the world I always find myself thinking about the night, waiting for it…So that I can take my frustrations out on being creative and creating a world of my own.

10. Which is the easiest aspect of light painting? And the worst one? Easiest aspect of Light Painting to me is the experimentation, You can use all kinds of different Light sources to create so many different effects. The worst, Trying to catch perfection, I have always been known for my near robotic Orb spinning and even my fellow light painters call me Robo Orber because i am very precise but it has taken me years of practice and will to become that way..and even though it was hard…I still loved every minute of that learning experience.

11. According to you, what’s fundamental having or doing in order to obtain good shots? I would say lighting control, I shoot in a lot of different environments, dealing with no ambient light to full on city lights, Being able to adjust your camera and settings to match that light and have the tools that are appropriate for that lighting situation is a very large factor in creating a beautiful mesmerizing photo.

12. Is this practice a source of happiness and satisfaction? Absolutely, I spent a lot of years not seeing life for what it is and now I see life as a Beautiful world for me to take over. In my own photos I create a vision that makes me happy and following your passion will always make you happy.

13. What would you like to do in the future? The future? Travel to as many different countries and cities as i possibly can and Light Paint across the world.

14. What advice would you give to the young people who want to start being light painters? Be Safe, Lighting Painting in your home or a safe place is a perfect place to start, I have ran into a few problems while light painting and you have to remember to be prepared for everything when you are out on a location, especially one you are not sure of. Other than that, have fun, be creative and let your imagination run wild!!

15. Do you want to say a goodbye for us? Illuminate and I will follow!!!!

Interview by Valeria Ricci


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